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Vocal Profiling LIVE

Vocal Profiling LIVE
Every Other Tuesday 
6-7pm EST **


Tuesday, January 28, 2014




Please Note: This Show is NO Longer 

On Air





On Tuesday, January 28, Obama will deliver what is being billed as his "State of The Union jobs speech" at 9pm Eastern.

At 6pm Eastern on that same day, there will be a special online Happy Hour broadcast that will attempt to teach our viewers how to use an online video to create a nanoVoice Personality Profile.

We may be able to determine if Obama is trustworthy in what he is saying plus determine his actual intentions.


This is to be considered a group experiment in preparation for presenting lively debates among ourselves and to provide the outside world with a reliable source for TRUTH.


You may want to download the public nanoVoice software prior to joining the class - 




























Explosive, Revealing Information about the REAL intent and motives of our Entertainers, Elected Officials, Liars, Truth Tellers, the famous and infamous.

Using Vocal Profiling to reveal the TRUTH. 


Can the TRUTH set us FREE?